The OMSCS Degree Will Graduate 1,500 Students Per Year in 2021

Georgia Tech’s iconic Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) will result in 1,500 graduates per year in two-to-three years, as predicted on Friday at a conference in Princeton University by Zvi Galil, Dean of the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing. This growth (see the graphic below) reflects the success of this program.

Around 1,000 students will be graduating in 2019 with the OMSCS, the world’s first accredited MOOCs, now on their fifth year.

Zvi Galil’s OMSCS lecture at Princeton–its 62nd talk–attracted dozens of students, including six enrollees in that Master’s as well as Mark Braunstein, who teaches Health Informatics. [In the picture above].

The talk will be posted by Princeton and IBL News by the end of the month.

The OMSCS, hosted on Udacity, inspired Georgia Tech to launch another two Master’s: the OMS Analytics and the OMS Cybersecurity, both in

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