Ten Effective Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Online Course or Degree

By Mikel Amigot

Increasing enrollment in online programs and degrees is becoming progressively more complicated in 2019.

Based on our experience serving a number of schools and universities, these are our ten most effective marketing ideas:

  • Video advertisements on YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and third party websites. Experts say that 65% of the population learns better by interacting with video rather than reading.


  • A mobile-friendly, quality-content and SEO-driven Website. Over 60% of all traffic comes from mobile devices. Around 93% of people use a search engine to begin navigation.


  • Content stories and Ads on Social Media. More than a billion people use these channels.


  • Google AdWords and banner advertisements in high traffic websites pointing to personalized, segmented landing web pages.


  • On-demand and interactive live lectures conducted by experts and top professors, along with a well-crafted email marketing strategy.


  • Testimonials and high-profile endorsements of the courses, programs, and degrees. This includes utilizing famous alumni.


  • Relevant blog posts, written by instructors, learners, and guests.


  • Promotional, rich in content articles, TV and radio reports, through a media-driven, non-stop PR campaign.


  • An iOS and Android app which includes all of the content functionalities and request-info features of the course, program or degree program.


  • Automated marketing strategy for some content on the website, linked to a CRM, such as Hubspot or Marketo. This allows gather important information on prospective students and utilize automatic follow-ups to remind them about your offers. Also, we suggest having a proactive call center strategy in order to ensure that prospective students speak with representatives and clarify their questions and ensure their investment in your program.


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