Microsoft Launches the "File Storage" XBlock to Embed into Open edX Files from "One Drive for Business"


Microsoft will contribute to Open edX’s new “Cypress” release by adding Office 365 authentication functionality into edX’s single sing-on system as well as a new XBlock, the “File Storage” XBlock, which allows to insert or embed files from One Drive and other providers.

[Disclosure: IBL worked under contract with Microsoft in this development].

This year Microsoft announced a new set of edX courses, along with the Office Mix XBlock.

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Three New Paid Courses on EdX's Professional Education Programs

professionalcourses professional, fee-based education courses are being revamped with new additions coming from Microsoft and the University of British Columbia.

  • Windows PowerShell Fundamentals. This course about managing Windows-based servers offers the opportunity to earn a certificate demonstrating competency which can be added to a resume or job application. It begins on April 14th and costs $200.

This Professional Education Program was designed in 2014 to offer busy professionals a flexible, affordable and impactful way to build skills and advance their careers without having to leave their offices or homes. Since then, hundred of learners have completed them. In total, there are eight courses.

Microsoft Expands its Partnership with EdX and Launches Seven Software Development Courses


Microsoft will offer seven courses on the portal in April.

These courses, taught by Microsoft experts, are now open for enrollment.

  • Introduction to TypeScript, a design-time language that enables JavaScript programmers to manage projects on any platform. This course is co-authored by Anders Hejlsberg, creator of Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C#, and TypeScript.
  • Introduction to Bootstrap, an open-source UI framework created by Twitter to enable the creation of responsive, mobile-first web pages. Bootstrap has become a de facto standard for web design.

Microsoft has already developed an Xblock to enable course creators to embed Office Mix lectures into their edX courses.

The software giant plans to continue investing on edX and Open edX ecosystem through new software developments.

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