The Open edX Universities Symposium (Nov 11, DC) Will Feature Top Speakers and Panelists in Analytics and Web Learning

The first Open edX Universities Symposium will take place on November 11 in Washington DC, organized by The George Washington University (GW) under the direction of Prof. Lorena Barba, and with technical support from IBL. Prominent speakers and panelists from top universities across the world will participate in the reunion.

This one-day conference –from 8:30AM to 6:00PM, at the School of Public Health of GW and hosted by GW Online Programs– will discuss three themes: learning analytics, web-enhanced learning and inter-institutional collaboration.

An evening reception will be hosted on November 10. The edX Global Forum –for edX’s institutional partners only– will take place during the previous days (November 8-10) in Georgetown University. Many participants are expected to stay for the extra day and attend the Open edX Universities Symposium. Several staff members from edX will attend as well.

The confirmed speakers/panelists include:

Learning Analytics
— Linda Baer (featured speaker)
— Isaac Chuang, MIT
— Andreas Paepcke, Stanford University
— Carolyn Penstein Rosé, Carnegie Mellon University
— Taylor Martin, Utah State University
— Alfred Essa, VP, R&D and Analytics, McGraw-Hill Education

Web-Enhanced Learning and Pedagogy
— George Siemens, University of Texas Arlington (featured speaker)
— Carlos Delgado-Kloos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
— Armando Fox, Berkeley
— Toni Marsh, George Washington University
— Beth Porter, edX

Inter-Institutional Collaboration
— Paul-Olivier Dehaye, University of Zurich (featured speaker)
— Donna Kidwell, Webstudent International AS
— John Zornig, Director UQx
— Lorena A. Barba, George Washington University
— Timo Kos, TU Delft
— John Mitchell, Stanford University

Registration is now open via EventBrite. The $75 attendance fee includes lunch and refreshments. Space is limited. Organizers have announced that sponsorship opportunities are available.

"Open edX and the Future of Online Education" Meetup on April 9th in New York – GW, edX, McKinsey and PepperPD Speaking

The second Open edX meetup in the U.S. will take place in New York’s McKinsey Academy headquarters on April 9th. The title of the event is “Open edX in the Spotlight: The Future of Online Education”. 

Prominent leaders from George Washington University, edX, McKinsey and PepperPD will be speaking.

The registration is free and the event will be live streamed and recorded by IBL Studios Education. Beer on top and pizza will be served. McKinsey, WeWork and IBL sponsor the meetup.

This is the line-up of panelists:

–– First Presentation

edTech Learning: 2 years in
Michael Keany – McKinsey Academy
General Manager


–– Second Presentation
Building a Sustainable University Strategy for Online Education

Paul Schiff Berman – The George Washington University
Vice Provost of Online Education and Academic Innovation


–– Third Presentation

Building Opportunities Around Open edX

Beth Porter – edX
Vice President of Product


–– Fourth Presentation
Building a National Professional Learning Center With Open edX

Dr. Jack McLaughlin  – / Public Consulting Group

[Open Community Portal: Open edX in th Spotlight: The Future of Online Education]

[The third Open edX meetup will take place in Spain, on April 20th in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’s campus]



GW Offers Two Signature Courses Through Its New Open edX Platform


“The Past, Present, and Future of the Federal Reserve” and “Business in a Political Age” are two signature MOOCs that the George Washington University (GW) will start offering in April.

These spectacular free courses, offered on a new Open edX platform, “are designed to educate the world”, said Paul Schiff Berman, Vice Provost for Online Education and Academic Innovation.

“These are courses that no other university is offering, and perhaps no other university could offer,” he added.

Registration is now open to the public.

[GW Today: New Online Course Offerings for GW]
[Disclosure: IBL Studios designed and powered the platform]

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