Changes on Open edX's Platform: Home, Course and Resume Course

Some important navigational changes are coming to the Open edX platform’s LMS:

  • The name of the current Courseware, that includes updates and handouts, is changing to Course.
  • The name of the Course Info page is changing to Home.
  • Home page will be located to the left of the Course page.
  • A new tab called Resume Course in the upper right corner is being added.

The goal of these changes is to help learners to navigate through courses more easily.

Video Talks of the Third Open edX Meetup Available on a New Learning Site and iOS App


All of the talks of the third Open edX meetup celebrated on January 7th in New York have been posted on IBL’s YouTube Channel.

IBL has published all of those videos, along with the PowerPoint presentations, in an edX-style course on its new site,

Speakers were:

• Maurice Matiz, Director, Media & Instructional Design Studio, Columbia Center for Teaching & Learning, Columbia University

• Joel Barciauskas, Engineering Manager at edX

• Lorena A. Barba, Professor at George Washington University and Chair of Open edX Universities Symposium

• Paul Schiff Berman, Vice Provost for Online Education and Academic Innovation, George Washington University

• Jennifer Gormley, Senior Director, Product and Marketing at McKinsey Academy

• Michael Amigot, Founder at IBL Studios (Open edX)

• Ivan Shumkov, Founder at Open Online Academy (





IBL Campus is also the name of a new iOS app, which allows to watch videos and course content online and offline. This is the first fully-featured Open edX-based app available.

This means, for example, that all of the video content of the last Open edX meetup is available on the app. The only requirement to access it is to enroll in that course at IBL

IBL Campus App has been considered as one of the best educational apps by the Best iOS Appz review-specialist website.


Open Software Ecosystems Will Improve Learning Outcomes

Road sign to education and future

The solution to improve learning outcomes is mostly based on launching open software ecosystems. And Open edX is a step in that direction.

Stephen Laster, Chief Digital Officer at McGraw-Hill Education, has written a revealing analysis on EdSurge, highlighting the idea that technologies that live within closed systems create roadblocks in students’ learning pathways.

“Building digital content and learning technology around open standards ensures that educators and students can determine what’s most effective without worrying about whether different technologies will work together,” he states.

“The simple solution to accelerate open edtech for everyone is to support technology standards set forth by organizations like the IMS Global Learning Consortium.” 




Stanford University Will Host the 2016 Open edX Conference, June 14 – 15


The third Open edX developers’ conference, called Open edX Con, will take place at Stanford University on June 14th and 15th.

Registration is now open, as well as the call for proposals.

The conference will be followed by a hackathon, June 16th and 17th.

edX made this announcement today. “Stanford has been a supporter of the Open edX initiative since day zero. The Stanford team was instrumental in the open-source release of the edX platform, and continues to contribute their code, effort, and enthusiasm to the project,” said edX.

Tickets will cost $200 to $450.

Open edX: Open edX Con 2016 Call for Proposals

Dogwood RC2 Is Here!


edX released this week the first pre-release of Dogwood, the next Open edX version after Cypress.

Dogwood RC2 is available for download and for fresh installations, but not for upgrading from Cypress. The RC1 wasn’t released, and the next RC3 is scheduled for January 6th, when upgrade scripts will become available.

Installation instructions have been posted at this wiki page from edX. Meanwhile, the edX Release Notes page gives a sense of what is new.

IBL provided the first Dogwood installation to the community as a testing platform.

CharterOak State Online College Offers a Pathway to Earn College Credit through edX's Courses


Another cost-effective option for students to earn affordable college credit on edX. This is the fourth initiative on university credit related to edX released this year, after the Global Freshman Academy with Arizona State University, MIT’s MicroMaster’s credential and ACE Alternative Credit Project. Currently, there are eight credit-eligible courses on

CharterOak State College, a Connecticut-based public online college offering bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs, will now award college credit for select edX courses –two of them for now:  MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python and UC BerkeleyX Engineering Software as a Service (SaaS) Part 2. Additional courses will be included in the program in the coming weeks.

This credit will follow a “pay-when-you-pass model”. Students enroll in an edX course, successfully complete and pass the course (with an 80% grade of higher), and then decide to pay for Charter Oak credit ($100 per credit hour). This credit can be applied to credentials, continuing ed credits and completion of a college degree.

“EdX learners around the world will now be able to earn credit for their hard work and success in MOOCs, offering an opportunity to many learners who would otherwise never have access to high-quality education and credit,” explained Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX.

“A variety of edX partners are enthusiastic about working with us on innovative credit offerings. We look forward to announcing more credit opportunities and pathways for our learners in the coming months,” he added.


Paris Attacks: the Open edX Community Supports France

After the terrorist attacks that devastated Paris on Friday night, here at IBL we want to express our solidarity to our French friends. Terrorists won’t win. The light is more powerful than darkness!

Top Universities Start Experimenting with Free Online Courses as a Way to Engage Alumni

Another reason to create MOOCs or Mini-MOOCs?

Alumni engagement… and fundraising!

Some of the top American universities involved with edX and Open edX are analyzing this approach.

One of the first organizations experimenting with enrolling alumni in free online courses is Colgate University through ColgateX .

Prof. Karen Harpp’s “Advent of the Atomic Bomb” course, launched in the spring of 2015 on edX’s Edge platform, is a good example. It attracted 380 alumni. In August, Professors Jennifer Brice and Jane Pinchin re-ran the “Living Writers” course, also on edX’s Edge, with an audience of 800 participants –and 678 of them were alumni.

Colgate University considers the program a success. This institution didn’t reveal whether donations have resulted from this initiative, but admitted that those types of courses could serve as an indirect way to fundraise in the future, according to “The Chronicle of Higher Education”. Colgate explained that “free online courses have proved to be convenient avenues for continuing education because they allow alumni to learn from home and get exactly what they want.”

Other universities trying the same approach are Harvard with its HarvardX for Alumni program and the University of Wisconsin.


Two Universities Launch Badges on their Open edX Platforms

The George Washington University (GW) and Mondragon University (Spain) are the first two higher-ed organizations on Open edX that have awarded eligible students with open digital badges. These two universities have used the fully open-source solution, developed by IBL with edX’s support.

In the case of GW, Professor Lorena Barba pioneered the use of badges on her self-hosted Open edX courses. A year ago, she launched a pilot for her “Practical Numerical Methods with Python” course. In October 2015, she adopted a solution that involved not only an XBlock but also an open-source server solution.

Mondragon University’s micro-credentials –see below– have been issued on a course in Spanish titled “Hacking ético”, that has attracted 5,800 in only two months.



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