Designing Your Educational Media Studio

Reimagine your online offer and produce an abundance of high-quality video lessons and lectures at affordable pricing. After producing 70+ courses in its top-notch studio in the New York area, we are launching IBL Studios with one radical idea: to help you build, enhance and maintain your own video and film studio, equipping it with the very latest technologies in pedagogy. 

Innovative Technologies

Our offer includes many innovative techniques and technologies such as production in real-time without postproduction, lightboard learning glass, white cyclorama for instructors’ interactions, broadcast-quality filming of multi-conferences, among others.

Studio or Mobile: 100% Remote

Highly Competitive Pricing

End-to-End Online Course Creation

Free Assessment and Consultation

At IBL Studios we have been creating and perfecting innovative pedagogical techniques for years. Now, as a promotional launch, we want to offer you a free assessment and consultation at your location on the East Coast of the US. Please contact us to learn more.

Productions at Scale and Broadcast-Quality

Your studio will be fully equipped to produce at scale and broadcast-quality, unlimited self-paced, synchronous, and instructor-led video courses. Think of us as an extension of your studio team. See the College Board CLEP courses we recently created.

With You Every Step of the Way

Starting with the conceptualization and design of your studio, we’ll be with you every step of the way through the preproduction, faculty-support, production, and maintenance.

We’re proven across all sectors

Learn how IBL is been helping some of the largest organizations on their video productions

As the largest private IT training company in the world with over $400M of ARR, Global is serving its online enterprise market through a deeply integrated and engaging Open edX-based platform.

NYU Law is using the platform to provide its students with top-quality, specialized programs that supplement its existing curricula. It’s all about effective video, assessments and learning analytics.

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) aims to educate over 600K developers, data scientists and researchers with
an accessible learning ecosystem under its full control.

As the creators of the philanthropic “Freshman Year for Free” program, the mission is to provide 1M learners with full access to all of the College Board’s CLEP catalog as massive courses.

The US Air Force’s learning ecosystem is equipped to provide its community of over 700K members with state-of-the-art courseware incorporating virtual reality content and social networking tools.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is using the platform to provide thousands of its on-campus and distance learners with a powerful course offering focused on data and programming.

I’ve been with IBL Studios for the last year, and I’m thrilled with the experience. They are simply terrific. They are excellent in the work they deliver. They are a wonderful thought partner, really figuring out what the right solution is for our projects and, you know, frankly just excellent people to work with. I can’t recommend them enough. I feel very, very fortunate to be in their network and look forward to putting together many programs with them. We’ve been doing a lot of videos, and they are truly excellent. Video Testimonial

Ilan Jacobsohn, Director for Distributed Education, The New School

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Learn how your team can start delivering video for your online learning programs at scale and in a manner you control.

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