MoodleNet, a New Social Media Platform, Will Debut This Month

IBL News | New York

A new social media platform for educators initially focused on collaboratively curating collections of open content, will debut on August 2019. MoodleNet will replace the existing, which will be closed, with the content (i.e. competency frameworks) archived.

“MoodleNet is going to become the place to share and learn from each other to improve the quality of education,” said Moodle on a blog post.MoodleNet, in testing mode since January 2019,  will be an integral part of the Moodle ecosystem.

A MoodleNet plugin will be included as a standard in Moodle 3.8 in November 2019. It will allow users to import resources from the new MoodleNet to Moodle courses.

The guide Sunsetting provides more information about the site closing.

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