MIT Students Call for Reif to Step Down and Denounce Cover-Up From the Top

IBL News | New York

Calls for the L. Rafael Reif’s resignation bubble up one day after MIT president admitted he not only knew about the donations by Jeffrey Epstein to the university’s Media Lab but also signed a thank you letter to the convicted sex offender.

Yesterday, dozens of MIT students and alumni demanded L. Rafael Reif to step down.

On Friday afternoon, current students and alumni held a protest event called “They Knew: Speak-out against MIT-Epstein Scandal” at MIT’s Stratton Student Center.

In an MIT women’s alumni Facebook group, former students expressed outrage at the news.

“Accepting money linked to Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t just disgusting and immoral,” the group’s organizers wrote. “It violated MIT’s own donor policies. Any senior administrators who knew about these donations MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.”

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