We’re looking for an experienced Django engineer to join our team, on a part-time or full-time basis.

As for us, we deploy educational initiatives in terms of the learning ecosystem and course creation for some of the biggest brands, including NVIDIA (courses.nvidia.com), the US Air Force, IBM, Global Knowledge, Modern States Education Alliance and NYU. Our engineers are headquartered in New York but distributed around the world.

The platform we use, Open edX, is primarily written in Django and in use by over 40M learners worldwide, including edx.org‘s 16M+. Take a look at its main GitHub repo and components.

We are looking for engineers who are well-versed in Django (and Django REST Framework) to help us extend the platform via additional Django apps and APIs. Other parts of our stack include:

  • Ubuntu 16 (optionally, Amazon Web Services)
  • Docker / Docker Compose (optionally, Kubernetes)
  • ReactJS

As such, our culture is built on passionate engineers who are highly motivated to learn and able to build projects at every stage, from the conceptual and architectural phase to the backend and frontend. Even if we all have a preference for some phases over the others, it’s crucial that we be able to “own” the full stack of our developments if we need to.

In terms of salary, we’d like to conduct a paid test for about four hours per day for one or two weeks. Once we determine that we are a good fit for each other (ideally after a period of two weeks), we would like to extend this opportunity to a full-time basis if you wish.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out to careers@ibleducation.com with:

  • A brief description of who you are
  • Your objectives as a software engineer
  • Code samples (we’re interested in the way you architect apps, no matter how small they start out as; for that reason, anything with Docker / Docker Compose, REST API’s and independent persistence layers is helpful)
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