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Course Producers in New York, NY

IBL’s mission is to improve online education with advanced software and high-quality content. We advocate for the use of open source technology and provide strong commercial support. Our team of 30+ people has delivered winning online learning initiatives since 2004. @IBLEducation

Deep skills, full transparency and commitment. Zero vendor lock-in.

We extend your team 100% under your terms, and build trusted long-term partnerships that lead to successful learning initiatives.

Full-Stack Software Engineering

Real-Time Video Production

Engaging Courses and Instructional Design

Our Leadership

Mikel Amigot
Chief Operating Officer
Thought leader, educator, media and technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience delivering strategic initiatives.
David Calzada
Director of Software Engineering
Open source advocate, Linux contributor and full-stack engineer with over 25 years of experience across systems and architecture.
Dr. James Murphy
Director of Learning
Data science, machine learning and mathematics PhD and educator from Johns Hopkins University of online and in-person programs.
Blanca Amigot
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Geoff Allmen
VP of Software Plaforms
Blake Fountain
VP of Project Management
Miguel Amigot II
Chief Technology Officer
Computer scientist and electrical engineer behind the largest, data-driven and distributed learning initiatives.
Derek Chen
Director of Software Architecture
Full-stack computer scientist and electrical engineer designing world-class Open edX ecosystems and analytics solutions.
Freddy Alarcon
Director of Video Content Production
Chemical and software engineer turned video production leader and pioneer of real-time filming and editing systems.
Zoe Mackay
VP of Educational Services
Dr. Lorena A. Barba
Advisor to the CEO & New Projects
Dr. Ruben Savizky
Director of Pedagogical Innovation

IBL was a game-changer for me. Working with the team was easier than working with any engineering team I’ve ever had to deal with.

We hit all of our deadlines on time and they were more than eager to help out with things not directly in our agreement. 
I would recommend them to anyone. Video Testimonial

Adam Tetelman, Platform Manager at NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

IBL is the most responsive partner I’ve had the chance to work with in my 20+ year career. Their knowledge of the Open edX platform and instructional design is outstanding. Their passion and dedication is infectious. Their integrity is beyond doubt. Video Testimonial

Paul Tocatlian, Director of Engineering at Global Knowledge

I’ve been with IBL for the last year, and I’m thrilled with the experience. They are simply terrific. They are excellent in the work they deliver. They are a wonderful thought partner, really figuring out what the right solution is for our projects and, you know, frankly just excellent people to work with. I can’t recommend them enough. I feel very, very fortunate to be in their network and look forward to putting together many programs with them. We’ve been doing a lot of videos, and they are truly excellent. Video Testimonial

Ilan Jacobson, Director for Distributed Education at The New School

I’ve worked with IBL over the last several years, and they’ve brought creativity, integrity and technological expertise. 

They come in on time, on budget, with the highest quality imaginable. I recommend them very, very highly. Video Testimonial

David Vise, Executive Director at Modern States Education Alliance

Things are moving too quickly, so I think that the methods that are used here are extremely useful. (…) I completely recommend Michael and the team at IBL. Fantastic team, great group of guys. Video Testimonial

Rafael F. Calderon,  Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP

I’ve been working with IBL for four years now and they’ve been the greatest partners to try innovation with digital technologies in education.
(…) I’ve had the opportunity to recommend IBL to other people trying to do exciting projects with education. I will recommend them again because our projects are always on time, they’re always what we expect them to be, and they are a pleasure to work with as well.
 Video Testimonial

Lorena A. Barba, Professor at The George Washington University

Working with IBL has proven to be extremely successful. They’ve been such a collaborative partner for us, bringing great experience to us, and being extremely responsive. They also have great connections within the marketplace. Video Testimonial

Michelle Lockard, Director of Product at Global Knowledge

Working with the IBL team was really fantastic. I’ve taught a few different online and hybrid courses in the past through the University and this was, by far, the most advanced team to work with. I think the technology provides a much more stimulating experience for the students. Really something that’s extremely engaging for those who are digesting the information.

Just, in general, the most advanced technology system I’ve ever come across. And I’ve been doing this for a number of years.

Dr. David Sitt, Professor of Psychology at Baruch College

IBL helped GW customize Open edX for our purposes. The company responded instantly to any problem that arose, and set programmers to work around the clock to address concerns. IBL is creative and nimble, and they bring an entrepreneurial energy to their partnerships. We were very satisfied with our partnership.

Paul Berman, Vice Provost for Online Education at The George Washington University

While designing a supplemental course for incoming law students, we encountered some limitations working on existing platforms. After speaking with several consulting firms, we partnered with IBL to develop a customized, branded solution. Collaborating with IBL has proven successful beyond our expectations.

James Bryan Smith, Head of Instructional Design at NYU School of Law

IBL was instrumental in helping our team migrate from a failing LMS to the Open edX platform. Their efficient work and fast responses to every question or problem helped us to make this transition quickly and seamlessly for our current students. Thank you IBL for everything you have done for Phoenix TS; our students and staff couldn’t be happier with the new LMS!

Ashley Neu, Marketing Manager at Phoenix TS

I come from the Humanities and we’re just starting to develop this field of Digital Humanities so it’s been very educational for me to work with such a professional team.

You are a great asset to educational technologies and new systems of learning.

José Antonio Mazzotti, Professor of Latin American Studies at Tufts University

We hired IBL Studios for a pilot learning project at MIT Sloan School. It took us a long time to make a decision about the company we should hire. We examined all of the details of the project, considered several providers and finally chose IBL. They were extremely responsive, detail-oriented and professional from the first minute. We collaborated closely with them and the project was a complete success. They surpassed our expectations and we would love the opportunity to work with them again.

Sheila Canalle, Associate Director at MIT Sloan School of Management

IBL has a great team, very professional, supportive in each of the different functions: Behind the scenes, even on the camera, lighting, sounds, and specifically supported, in our case, in the pre-production with Zoe. I think it was a great experience. (…) Working with IBL has been a great experience and a new one for me at least, and for CEMEX, as well. Video Testimonial

Claudia de la Torre Foglio, Corporate HR Advisor at CEMEX University

I think the IBL team has been fabulous. We did several pre-conversations around the content, around structuring the content, aligning around how things should be broken down. The content was really broken down into nice, well-organized structure, and a lot of this was done prior to even getting here. (…) It was a really good working experience. (…) I really appreciate the fact that you can be real-time and you can distribute to so many people. The economics of scale is unquestionable. Video Testimonial

Omar Hoda, Principal at Deloitte Consulting

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to work with IBL during our implementation of Open edX. My experience with IBL has been mostly with xBlocks. Whenever we have an issue with anything, they are always available to talk with us on the developer forum and get back to us in a very timely manner. I definitely recommend working with IBL. Video Testimonial

Chris Schunke, Manager of Multimedia Development at Global Knowledge

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